We ensure children learn in safe, caring and enriching environment. Children are taught how to keep themselves safe, to develop healthy and positive relationships and to avoid situations where they might be at risk, including how they might be exploited. We have a duty of care to safeguard our children. You contact our safeguarding team by email [email protected] or by phone (0116 2413086).

If the academy is closed and you have any safeguarding concerns please contact either Leicestershire police 0116 222 222 or Safeguarding childrens unit 0116 454 2440

Safeguarding Team

Michelle Woodhouse - Principal

Mrs M Woodhouse
Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss J Hubbard
Vice Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs S Taylor
Vice Designated Safeguarding Lead

Early Help Offer at Thurnby Mead Primary Academy

We offer day to day support for families through:

  • Friendly & approachable staff
  • Senior leadership team on morning gate duty
  • Supportive Designated Safeguarding Leads who are available to listen and help families to access resources in the community
  • TAF (Team Around Family) meetings held in school, which may involve outside agencies supporting identified families
  • EWO – meetings with the Education Welfare Officer are held in school to support with attendance concerns and difficulties

Resources in the Community:

  • Living Without Abuse – domestic violence support
  • Leicester City Council – Free School Meal applications, School Admissions, Early Help referrals, Housing Options Centre, Household Support Fund,
  • The Peace Centre – food bank
  • Shelter – housing support
  • The Laura Centre – bereavement support
  • CAMHS – Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service
  • Centre for Fun and Families – challenging behaviour
  • School Nurse
  • Kooth – on-line counselling
  • Young Minds – Well-being and mental health for children
  • Beat – eating disorders

Early Help

Children and young people can experience a range of difficulties at any time in their life. Early help services are for children and young people of any age and can be supported from all kinds of services and organisations who work together to support the family. Leicester City Council have an early help offer to support you at any time in your child’s life. Early help is there to support when difficulties start to arise. Families may self-refer or we at the academy can help you with this. Please see Mrs Taylor for more information.

The City Council have a range of services to support you including:

Early help (