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A very warm welcome to our Academy, I hope you enjoy visiting our website and it gives you an insight into the vision of our Academy, as well as lots of information!

Here at Thurnby Mead we welcome children, their parents and carers into a friendly, happy and hardworking environment, where respect for others, positive attitudes towards work and behaviour are encouraged and nurtured.

  • Cleo Redmond, Principal

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Thurnby Mead @ThurnbyMead The children of Birch Class were creative, resilient and respectful as they planned and carried out their own sport… https://t.co/VBEcqML9fb 5 weeks ago
Thurnby Mead @ThurnbyMead RT @LeicesterWiT: Thank you to @splitwigs for the fabulous #AuthorWeekOnTour2021 sessions today Thank you to the host schools @CharnwoodS 6 weeks ago
Thurnby Mead @ThurnbyMead Chestnut Class were so excited and inspired today after their live Zoom session with award winning illustrator… https://t.co/Opmk5sEtDh 6 weeks ago
Thurnby Mead @ThurnbyMead Birch class had so much fun today learning about farming and had a wonderful virtual trip to Manor farm. We explore… https://t.co/DjHymjiCrZ 6 weeks ago
Thurnby Mead @ThurnbyMead Look at these fantastic water colour Willow trees! 🌳 Chestnut class love going upstairs into the Imaginarium. 👩🏼‍🎨… https://t.co/5AGNW72aA1 7 weeks ago
Thurnby Mead @ThurnbyMead Sycamore class had a great walk around their local area yesterday doing the #BeattheStreet challenge https://t.co/InSCfSWqCM 10 weeks ago
Thurnby Mead @ThurnbyMead Year 6 have been designing and building fantasy homes. Expect to see them on Grand Designs sometime soon! https://t.co/anDr9JhDV1 10 weeks ago
Thurnby Mead @ThurnbyMead Our stars of the day have done a fantastic job of watering our grass heads. It has taken a very long time for the g… https://t.co/cXy07O0K6Z 10 weeks ago
Thurnby Mead @ThurnbyMead Willow class using their senses to explore our class room. https://t.co/oOHZFQcxVI 11 weeks ago
Thurnby Mead @ThurnbyMead Creative Team Work here in Chestnut Class this afternoon! @polydronuk @TMETrust @ThurnbyMead #polydron #year1 https://t.co/BGCusYgum5 11 weeks ago
Thurnby Mead @ThurnbyMead @art_orchardmead @PotteryThrow Thank you! We think so too! 11 weeks ago
Thurnby Mead @ThurnbyMead Well we think our year 5 children's pots are pretty amazing! What do you think @potterythrow #potterythrowdownhttps://t.co/x69XAIOWmD 11 weeks ago
Thurnby Mead @ThurnbyMead @TMET_PrimaryInt Well done! Brilliant work 😀 11 weeks ago
Thurnby Mead @ThurnbyMead Oh my goodness are Sycamore class pleased with themselves or what!!!! We have worked so hard on designing and maki… https://t.co/TooT66x3aW 11 weeks ago
Thurnby Mead @ThurnbyMead Birch Class, year 3, were engrossed in learning about the job of each part of the plant today and were brilliant at… https://t.co/P6RYPSJLv0 11 weeks ago
Thurnby Mead @ThurnbyMead What fun we had exploring doubling and halving numbers! #EYFS #maths https://t.co/ipykDb3Ni7 11 weeks ago
Thurnby Mead @ThurnbyMead Amazing afternoon of scientific investigation with Sycamore class this afternoon. We tested air resistance using p… https://t.co/wOrkxkt2mf 12 weeks ago
Thurnby Mead @ThurnbyMead Eid Mubarak messages from Magnolia Class. #EidMubarak https://t.co/DywLY9IOII 12 weeks ago
Thurnby Mead @ThurnbyMead We learnt from our class mates how to create these Eid Mubarak origami messages #traditional #teamwork #origamihttps://t.co/dHak5mLMaS 12 weeks ago
Thurnby Mead @ThurnbyMead Hawthorn class were busy making models of our lower teeth in science today. We think they look rather brilliant!😁🦷… https://t.co/qw2cv5jX7a 12 weeks ago