Welcome To Thurnby Mead Primary Academy

A very warm welcome to our Academy, I hope you enjoy visiting our website and it gives you an insight into the vision of our Academy, as well as lots of information!

Here at Thurnby Mead we welcome children, their parents and carers into a friendly, happy and hardworking environment, where respect for others, positive attitudes towards work and behaviour are encouraged and nurtured.

  • Cleo Redmond, Principal

Academy Tweets

Thurnby Mead @ThurnbyMead Inventing new playground games #TheNewNormal #creative #COVIDー19 https://t.co/qzHfSL7h5r 22 hours ago
Thurnby Mead @ThurnbyMead Magnolia class have enjoyed using the base 10 this week! 😁 #loveoflearning #maths #resilience https://t.co/in8uYiy9J0 22 hours ago
Thurnby Mead @ThurnbyMead A closer view of some of our models so far- can’t wait to see the finished result! https://t.co/tM8UHc09pq 24 hours ago
Thurnby Mead @ThurnbyMead Hawthorn class have been learning about Viking homes and we started to make models today. We had some great teamwor… https://t.co/egAclNp6sw 24 hours ago
Thurnby Mead @ThurnbyMead Mulberry class (DSP) are learning about the Vikings. Today the have made longboats which the vikings used to go exp… https://t.co/fIDnsjpzG1 1 day ago
Thurnby Mead @ThurnbyMead Sycamore Class Yr5 enjoying brass #music#creative#lovelearning https://t.co/x1uH7b4eA0 2 days ago
Thurnby Mead @ThurnbyMead We sent this letter out yesterday. It informs you of your child’s individual Teams login and password. Look at clas… https://t.co/h12xQhCDQF 3 days ago
Thurnby Mead @ThurnbyMead Sycamore class have been making the most of this gorgeous autumnal weather to explore textures in the playground an… https://t.co/xDlrUCqSH8 3 days ago
Thurnby Mead @ThurnbyMead Chestnut class are very artistic. They have been doing some bright and beautiful paintings for our classroom.🌈☀️🎨… https://t.co/4pk8HC5OSI 3 days ago
Thurnby Mead @ThurnbyMead Chestnut class had a brilliant time on the play equipment yesterday. Lots of laughs and happiness. 😊 #playtime #fun https://t.co/Fo3RXFi98x 4 days ago
Thurnby Mead @ThurnbyMead Oak class investigating how valves help our hearts to pump blood around our bodies. Anybody squeamish ?🩸 https://t.co/Y5Qk7CW0QD 5 days ago
Thurnby Mead @ThurnbyMead Year 4 have been writing shape poems. We had fun talking about how snakes move, what they look like and what they m… https://t.co/6rZUzZ2ZHp 5 days ago
Thurnby Mead @ThurnbyMead It’s been a creative morning for Oak today. Drama earlier and now ukulele. We’re off to Hawaii for a field trip nex… https://t.co/W5f0rxnZ7g 1 week ago
Thurnby Mead @ThurnbyMead Oak tree class in some ‘Eye of the Wolf’ character and emotion role play. Fabulous darling! https://t.co/m3qar1fRAx 1 week ago
Thurnby Mead @ThurnbyMead Chestnut class have been doing lots of number work this week. We have been practicing counting, ordering and writin… https://t.co/2DriWIBdp4 2 weeks ago
Thurnby Mead @ThurnbyMead The “New Normal”. Magnolia class have been designing face masks to help keep people safe CULTURE and COMMUNITY. #TMETTrust #7Cs #Covid19UK 2 weeks ago
Thurnby Mead @ThurnbyMead The CHALLENGE of making a hedge hog house! #TMETTrust #7Cs #autumn #DT https://t.co/f3iZnzn62D 2 weeks ago
Thurnby Mead @ThurnbyMead Year 2 showing their CREATIVITY using and mixing water colours #TMETTrust #watercolours #bright #rainbow https://t.co/UzTCa1np3e 2 weeks ago
Thurnby Mead @ThurnbyMead Chestnut class (Y1) created some beautiful stained glass window art today. They are really colourful. #stainedglasshttps://t.co/RYopagjkh3 3 weeks ago
Thurnby Mead @ThurnbyMead Don't forget to log into ClassDojo today to meet your child's teacher for the next academic year! 😊 11 weeks ago