At Thurnby Mead, we follow the ‘Sing Up’ Music curriculum from Reception through to Year 3.  ‘Sing Up Music’ takes an integrated approach to musical learning, and together the units represent a complete, and progressive library of resources that meets the requirements of the National Curriculum for Music and suggested approaches of the Model Music Curriculum. Through each unit, children experience music making where listening, singing, playing, improvising, and composing are interwoven. 

A Musical Literacy toolkit supports teachers to teach core concepts of beat, rhythm, and melody, including introducing notation with KS1 and KS2 pupils. In the EYFS, the units of work are based on the updated Development Matters and the new Statutory Framework for Early Years.  Years 4 to 6 participate in the whole class music lessons delivered by peripatetic music staff from ‘Leicester-shire Schools Music Service’. Currently, Year 4 are having Tabla lessons, Year 5 are having Strings (violin and viola) lessons and Year 6 are having Brass lessons. This ensures in depth coverage of the National Curriculum Programme of Study.  In addition, the whole school participates in singing assemblies where the musical fundamentals of pitch, rhythm, harmony and ensemble performance are embedded weekly. 

Subject Leader/s

Miss Mussa


Throughout their time at Thurnby Mead children receive a variety of opportunities to play instruments, sing and perform, both within school and in the community.  In recent years we have performed at DeMontfort Hall and at The Curve Theatre.