Bienvenue!  At Thurnby Mead, we study French in Key stage 2 from year 3 to 6. Our lessons are engaging, fun and interactive. We learn through songs, rhymes, role play and games.

Our Luc et Sophie schemes of work include fun, engaging story books read by native French speakers. Our children also have access to duolingo, a French teaching app that is fun and exciting. We encourage our children to use basic vocabulary and phrases in order for them to improve their acquisition of basic French language structure.

Year 3 have been loving building their French vocabulary for different greetings.

Year 4 have been building on their basic French greetings from last year and building vocabulary up about different foods and visiting a shop. Would they be able to understand and buy food from a shop if they visited France?

Year 5 have been learning the days of the week.

Year 6 have been learning the vocabulary for clothes and more depth about the different regions in France. Making connections across the curriculum to popular places like Normandie Beaches (WW2), Paris (tour de le France), Alps (mountains).

French day is a great day for everyone to learn and explore about the French culture. Have a look a some of the activities we got up to.

Subject Leader/s

Mrs Steele-Mulla