At Thurnby Mead Primary Academy, we use Pearson’s Abacus Maths Scheme that:

  • is in line with the 2014 National Curriculum
  • supports children’s learning, helping them to progress and fulfil their potential through daily Maths lessons
  • uses a variety of methods, including discussions; practical activities investigations; and group, paired or individual work to further children’s understanding

Subject Leader/s

Mr Harvey


Early Years using practical resources to develop the understanding of number, and the pattern and relationships between numbers.

Year one using tens frames and counters to help with addition and subtraction.

Year 2 learning to add . How to partition two 2 digit numbers and add the tens and the ones.

Year 3 using counters to  help create arrays to solve multiplication and division problems.

Year 4 examples of investigating division and  demonstrating how they can solve 76 ÷2 = ? Using various manipulatives.

Year 5 using base 10 to prove theories shared in discussion around  factors and multiple prior to investigating fractions and mixed numbers.

Year 6 using collaboration and a hundred square to find common factors and multiples.